Friday, August 10, 2012

UPDATE: Dear Web Designers

At the end of May, I wrote a heart-felt plea to web designers for them to please throw out their 960 pixel design mold. Today I have a brief update on the numbers from Global Stat Counter.

By way of review, here's an excerpt of what I previously wrote:
For the three months February to April 2012, screen resolutions of 1280+ totaled 66.35% of the market, 1360+ were 42.07%, and 1600+ were 14.05%.
We now have three complete months of new data. The trends continue. For the three months May to July 2012, screen resolutions of 1280+ totaled 67.50% of the market, 1360+ were 44.30%, and 1600+ were 14.78%.

I do wish to take a moment to talk about that old foe 1024x768.  It appears that the rate of decline has slowed down quite a bit. In April, that resolution had a share of 18.02% and in July it was just down to 17.47%. It definitely has a significant market share, but I think it's important to remember that iPads, "the world's most amazing tablet", run that resolution (or double). When talking about iPads though, it's equally important to note that they scale pages quite handsomely.

Dear Web Designers, please use a bigger mold. The numbers justify it and I think the masses would appreciate it.

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